Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Coming in as our 22nd artist from the UK is Squink!

Raised in Dronfield in the United Kingdom, Squink! grew up on a diet of popcorn, candy, and Jayce and the wheeled warriors. Qualified as a graphic designer but also a keen painter from a very early age, he became a toy collector with the launch Of the Toy2R Qee, which eventually lead to customising everything he could get his hands on! A head filled with characters in need of being set free finally had an outlet. Heavily influenced by japanese culture and 80’s cartoons, he claims to put a little bit of his soul into each character he creates, giving them all a unique personality, fueled by coffee, good smelly cheese and shoegaze. Gathering inspiration from the toys and natural forms he surrounds himself with. Squink! has more recently branched out into canvas paintings, and also limited edition screen printed t-shirts.

Find out more about Squink! at:

All photos are (c) all rights reserved by Squink!

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