Thursday, April 14, 2011


NREAZON is an artist based out of Dallas, TX.  She is well known for her use of brightly colored characters and 2D artwork. 

NREAZON is a self taught artist. She has never stepped into an art or graphic design class before.  For her, being an artist is more than just putting paint on a new canvas or toy.  It's about reaching out to people and letting them know where she came from, telling hem about her life experiencs, and meetingreat people along the way.  Whether they are wearing one of her T-shirts or collecting one of her custom toys; she wants them to be knowledgeable about what NREAZON stands for.  She now creates artwork full time for the world to enjoy. 

No Rules-No Boundaries- No Regrets No Reason
(en-ree-zon) meaning: I have no reason for what I do. I do art because I love it.”

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**All photos are (c) all rights reserved by NREAZON

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