Tuesday, April 19, 2011


One of the most highly notable details to inkwork comes from another one of Houston's local artist, who goes by the name of Anville.  

Anville was born and raised in Houston, TX his entire life.  He began drawing at an early age. His inspiration for art came from his fascination with cars and all things mechanical.  As his years of artwork progressed, he turned to comic books, where he learned to appreciate inkwork and figure drawing.  He recentaly discovered the great masters of color and forms over the last few years, such as Gustave Dore, Klimnt and Mucha. 

Anville's main influences as of late are engravers from the early 1900s, dutch still life painters, along with more contemporary icons such as Kozik and Damien Hirst. For Anville, being an artist is intersting in that each pieceis an adventure in a way, a journey to discover certian things along the way towards its completion. If you see art in that way, it never gets old, and theres always an opportunity to try something new.

Check out Anville's work at:

All photos are (c) all rights reserved by Anville

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