Friday, April 8, 2011

James Fuller

Our cutest, yet wicked designs comes from our 19th artist, James Fuller in Minnesota.  

Fuller has been an artist his whole entire life.  From drawing Spiderman on the bottom of his mother’s coffee table at the age of four, he has been working in the graphic design field as an adult ever since.  His first introduction to the custom toy scene started back in 2008.  Fuller happened to be in a store one day and ran across a Might Mugg that caught his attention.  He believed it to be a Stormtropper, well it didn’t matter, it caught his attention and he had to have it anyways.

Fuller decided to search the internet for more mugg s and came across a website that showcased a variety of mugg that were painted on or customized.  As an artist that was introduced to this new concept, he decided to try it out himself.  From that day on, he was hooked.  It had opened up a whole new world of customs he never knew existed. Fuller believes the people in the scene are so nice and supportive of one anthers work, which is why he still does it today. He has been customizing toys for over three years now and enjoys every minute of it. Fuller strives to make each piece better than the next, to continue to learn, and try new things.

You can check out Fuller's website at:

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