Thursday, April 7, 2011

Christian Navarrete

Artist number 18 was born in the East End Side of Houston, TX 31 years ago.  His name is Christian Navarrete.  

Christian discovered his love for art at the tender age of five.  He began drawing superheroes while teaching himself the fundamentals of art along the way.  As he progressed he started experimenting with various tools, mediums and subjects.  

He has been an aspiring artist for the past 15 years and has had a number of commissions from a variety of clients in the Houston area.  Christian has created art for the City of Houston, Houston Zoo, Texas Art Supply, HISD and many close friends.  He has exhibited at the Arlington Museum of Art, Lawndale Art Center, Houston Community College, Encantada Art Gallery in San Francisco and many Houston art galleries and spaces. His artwork is surrealistic with a subtle satire and is a reflection of his daily encounters with everyday life experiences.  He is versatile with many mediums, but prefers to use acrylics to execute most of his body of artwork. 

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