Thursday, March 24, 2011


VISEone is our 11th artist who comes to us all the way in Germany.  

VISEone is a crazy German artist with a passion for art, toys, cartoons, comics and everything that keeps your heart smiling or puts you on a good mood...

Somehow he made it happen to stay young - his bones hurt more than some years ago - but in his mind and his heart he stays at the mid twenties. VISEone still loves Cartoons, Comics and Disney Classics.

As a child, he would sketch on any paper that came into reach.  Over the time span of his life, he took an interest in graffiti art, illustrations as well as comic strips.  His biggest influences were his mother who drew Disney characters and watch Disney cartoons with him everyday and his friend Ralph Ferres.  In 2008, he took an interest in the designer toy scene.

His work has been seen in The Almighty Dunny Show, Patch Together Series, Disney’s Stitch Experiment 626 and his infamous Tube Dunny, which has been seen on the Custom Toy Union Website.  He is currently participating in the Dem Bonez “The Reconstruction” Show this Friday, March 25 at Zakka in NY.   

For more info on his work, you can check him out at:

**All pictures are (c) all rights reserved by VISEone.

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