Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lara Slater

Lara Slater is one of our unique tattoo artist from New Jersey and Cast In Plastics' seventh lineup.  

"A long time ago I heard the expression that a piece of art is a fingerprint of an artist... I believe this is true for the person who owns it or wears it. Spending a great deal of time designing originals for my clients, I will never do the same tattoo twice."

Lara Slater is an artist who was born and raised in New Jersey.   She is not only a tattoo artist, but also a gypsy of the North East, USA.  Lara is a child to the tattoo industry and has been a tattoo artist since she was a teenager.  Since 1996, she has made career in the industry, but she also lives and breathes the concept into her everyday life and surroundings.  Not only has Lara painted for 6 years, but designed and created images throughout her entire life.  Both of Lara's parents were very influential artists who helped paved the way for her and allow her to open mind at a young age.

Since painting is what she mostly enjoys during her free time, Lara tries to express a story or the depth of a concept most people never explore.  She focuses mainly on the style of organic bio, but always throws in a hint of surrealist images, seeing that things that are real are always twisted. The most important message Lara expresses or hopes people understand is that there is a monumental amount of beauty in things considered less desirable by the masses.  That thing of the purest elegance holds a mystery and deteriorated truth. She bases some of her ideas on her chronic night terrors; and like most artists, she tries to excel all that she creates to put her mind on paper.  She continues to tattoo (her first love), design, illustrate, sculpt and wood burn. 

Lara, who currently resides in New Jersey, will be moving to Melbourne, Australia later this year.  She will continue her love for art and tattooing for clients, no matter the time sacrificed for the greater good of the art and the people who fight for the same visions. 

For info on Lara's work, you can check her out at:

**All photos are (c) all rights reserved by Lara Slater.

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