Monday, March 14, 2011


Meet Chauskoskis, he is Cast In Plastics’ six artist, a successful graphic designer, painter, sculptor, illustrator and one of the top five toy customizers in the world.  

Chauskoskis is a self taught artist, whom at the age of five grabbed a slab of clay and a pencil and decided to never let go of them. He has being inspired over  the years by  Mexican comic books, lucha libre, fantasy, terror, crappy movies, Sci-fi, classic cartoons and the big art masters; which makes him a multifaceted artist, who creates all sort of  weird and strange characters. You never know what he’ll come up with next.

His particular styles have quickly given him a spot on the toy scene as an original artist who always thinks outside the box.  Chauskoskis created his first Vinyl toy with artist Frank Mysterio  the "Karuzo."  He has also worked next to Jeff Lamm on the successful kaiju toy "Greasebat" where he was in charge of the master sculpt.  Along with his successful run of customs he has designed a few toys for the new "Skelanimals" series 1 and 2 by Toy2R . He is currently participating on the dunny “Most Wanted Series 2” and several other collaborations and projects. 

Chauskoskis has currently showcased all over the world, which includes:
MunnyGrubbers show, Arizona • Robolucha Custom Show, Germany • Dolly Oblong, Paper  Totem Toy • O Negative "Destroyer" Show for Operation Smile •  Custom Yoka Show, Pasadena, CA •  When Hell Freezes Over Show, Cranston Fellow Jr , New York • Sketchbot Custom Show, New York • Ganmetall Celsius Show, USA •  Press Start! Show, Canada • 15th anniversary QEE, Sacramento •  Jouwe Custom Show, Germany •  EGGCORE, China • Dem Cubez, NewYork Comic Con •  Alien Argus Show, Los Angeles • When World Collide, Portland, OR• For the Love of Vinyl, Sacramento, CA .

You can find some of his recent customs in “When Worlds Collide Show,” at the Screaming Sky Gallery, Portland, OR which runs until March 27, 2011 as well as in “For the Love of Vinyl Show,” at Dragatomi, Sacramento, CA which runs until April 2, 2011.   

For the scoop on Chauskoskis, you can find him at:

**All photos are (c) all rights reserved by Chauskoskis

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