Friday, March 4, 2011

Martin Hsu

Our second Cast In Plastic Artist this week is Mr. Martin Hsu ^_^, based 
out of Los Angeles, California. 

Martin Hsu is a horse and two fish, of Chinese blood and Taiwan born.  
He draws inspiration from nature, animals, blush in the young, and wrinkles in the old.  
He is grateful for the road that’s been paved by ones before him, 
and hopes to express his gratitude by taking each step firmly and respectfully.  
Above all, he loves his family, honors his heritage, and 
treasures his friends, and misses his dog.

Martin has been featured in numerous galleries across the country, such as Giant Robot Gallery, Rotofugi Gallery, Munky King Gallery, 1988, Nucelus Gallery, etc. Aside from his solo exhibits and group shows, he has done various animation designs for Walt Disney and Nickelodeon. His show "Primavera" with Andrew Brandou opens today at Subtext Gallery in San Diego, CA and runs until April 3, 2011. So if you're in the area, check it out!

For more information on Martin Hsu's work, you can find him at:

**All images are (c) all rights reserved by Martin Hsu

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